I am hoping over the last several months you have seen Dylan from Longevity Exercise Physiology in the gym or even had a great chat with him. We have had Longevity in the gym treating since May and just wanted to quickly highlight their services as we’re sure you know someone who needs them. 

Exercise Physiologists (EP) are accredited as Allied Health Professionals and are trained and qualified to treat chronic injuries/conditions and diseases. EP’s specialise in assessing the complexity of your injury or condition and prescribing effective exercise treatment to rehabilitate and manage your condition. This treatment is normally in the form of specialised exercise program which means they not only treat the condition but also improve physical function and health. 

You would see an EP if you were struggling to participate in your favourite sport, hobbies or work due to injuries such as shoulder, hip, knee or back pain as their treatment incorporates specific movement and exercise so you don’t have to feel restricted.

You might not need an EP at the moment, however, maybe one of your friends or family members is struggling with a condition or injury and they need the help of a health professional. EPs are registered with Medicare, Health funds, NDIS and DVA. Through these supports they see many people from post-surgical operations, chronic joint/muscle pain due to injury or general wear and tear, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary conditions, diabetes/obesity, cancer and neurological conditions.

If you or someone you know needs to see an Exercise Physiologist call 1300 964 002 ( https://www.longevitypt.com.au/ )for your free 15 min consultation or speak to Dylan or one of our staff. 

Dylan Furey – Exercise Physiologist Inner West Marrickville