Dear Members, 

As of 23rd March 2020 

1. All memberships are on hold free of charge

2. All pre-purchased packs have extended expiry dates

3. The Gym is closed. All classes cancelled. All personal Training cancelled. 

The last couple of days have been very challenging and emotional and yet they have been some of the most satisfying and rewarding moments of my life.

I have felt immense gratitude for my family, all their love and support and their health. Immense gratitude for the amazing team of  trainers that I have worked with. And I have felt immense gratitude for the amazing community of members that we have at the club. 

Now the initial shock of working from home for most has settled down , I’d like to share with you the challenges we will face. 


Without having to get up, get ready and “to go to work”… without a physical gym location to visit we are at a very high risk of losing our daily structure. Imagine our bodies without the structure provided by the skeleton. We would simply fall into a mushy pile on the floor. With proper structure our, focus and productivity will remain high. Without structure we are on a slippery slope. 


We must now (more than ever before) to make an active effort of connecting with people to keep emotionally in check. That connection will allow us to support each other. 


Keeping active for most of us is as much physical health as it is mental health. Staying active is not a luxury, but a necessity. Now more than ever we must make the time to stay active and physically fit. Otherwise we will experience the health implications of a sedentary lifestyle – both physical and mental health.  

OUR NEW MEMBERSHIP (Sign Up Details will be sent in my next email). 

As part of our ongoing commitment to our community. 

– Daily Check-Ins Conference calls on Google Chat Meets. Mon- Fri 7:30am

– Online Classes on Vimeo

– Bodyweight Classes (No equipment)

– KB Classes

– Spin Classes

– Sandbag Classes

– TRX Classes

– Stretch Classes

– Live Fitness Classes

We are committed to being that little bit of glue that will hold the community together. 

Yours in Health and Fitness