I hope you are well, staying safe and healthy. Unfortunately the lockdown has been extended till 16th July 2021 and with the increase of restrictions today (Friday 9th July) there is a high possibility that lockdown can extend even further. 

A quick Update: 

@Ruben’s Health and Fitness

1. Equipment Rental

Fitness equipment was made available to members for rental. It was great to see such an uptake of equipment. I am glad to hear of the members making good use of what they have. 

2. Online Classes Membership

Our online classes membership is available to all members and non-members. At only $10 week you have access to Live Online classes as well as a class library for on demand streaming. The main focus of the classes is structured exercise that challenges you with no need for equipment. All the classes are very accessible to all levels of fitness.

Saturday 10th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning, 8am Stretch

Monday 12th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Tuesday 13th July 7am Pilates

Wednesday 14th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Thursday 15th July 7am Pilates

Friday 16th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

If you can’t make it to the live 7am class you can try it later as it will be uploaded onto the website. Sign Up Here

Ruben the Individual

1. Food

I have found that this time at home is a great opportunity into focussing on my nutrition, particularly preparation and planning. The more planning and preparation the easier it all becomes. Focussed on both quality and quantity.  

2. Sleep

Constantly aiming for 8 hours. Focusing minimising screen time (the moment I find myself looking for something to watch is a great indicator to switch off) has allowed going to bed much earlier. Which leaves a better chance to have a full night sleep. 

3. Exercise

Thankfully I am teaching the bodyweight conditioning classes online. This sessions have kept me honest and accountable, given me a routine and allowed me to connect with some of the members. 

I can’t recommend enough getting onboard with the online membership and dialling in live at 7am! Accountability, Routine and connection are priceless at this time. Sign Up Here. https://atrubens.gymmasteronline.com/portal/membership/8b9b9b83536dcce369f5f88118e0153f  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay At Home. 

See You Soon.