Terms and Conditions of Membership At Ruben’s

1. I understand that all new memberships have a cooling off period of 7 days from the date of signing the Membership Contract. There is no cooling off period on membership renewal. Request for termination of membership during the cooling off period must be in writing. Refunds granted in the cooling off period will be any money paid minus administration fee and pro rata of membership rate.

2.1 I acknowledge and agree that except as otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions that I am fully liable to make payment of all membership fees and other amounts payable under the members, for the Minimum Term and until the membership is cancelled and such cancellation is accepted by At Ruben’s. If I fail to make any payments under this membership I agree to pay the reasonable legal costs and outlays and or debt collection fees incurred by At Ruben’s.

2.2 “Minimum Term” Is the commitment period to membership subscription. It is measured by the amount of fortnightly debits. I.e. 12 months is a commitment period of 26 fortnightly payments, 6 months is a commitment period of 13 fortnightly payments and 1 month is a commitment of 2 fortnightly payments. 

3.1 Subject to Clause 4 below, At Ruben’s will only consider applications for cancellation of memberships in limited circumstances such as permanent physical incapacity or major/life threatening illness or moving away further than 5km radius.

3.2 Cancellation under any other circumstances other than outlined in Clause 3.1 attracts a cancellation fee of 50% of the total remaining monies payable of the original agreements initial term. 

4. Any application to cancel my membership must be in writing.

5. I understand that direct debit memberships are ongoing and the price may increase at the end of my initial term. Membership and payment will continue beyond the Minimum Term of contract unless a written application to cancel the membership has been received and accepted by At Ruben’s Management. This must be received no less than 30 days before the date of cancellation of membership. This is to allow for processing and any debit fees due during this time to be collected

6. I understand that I can put my Membership Contract “Freeze” and that a fortnightly freeze fee of $10.00 will be applied for the term that the membership is on freeze. I agree that the amount of time that the Membership is put on freeze will be added to the end of the membership and the membership will become re-active only after payment of all freeze fees has been received. Application for a membership to be put on freeze must be received in writing 15 days before the date of commencement of the freeze period and is subject to approval by management in its absolute discretion. I understand that I must apply for the time frame during which the membership is to be put on hold and also for any extension to the on hold period.

7. Should payment of fees fall into arrears I understand that I may be refused entry into the centre until such time as all outstanding arrears have been received. I understand I will also be required to pay late fees as prescribed by management from time to time. Prolonged non-payment of fees will result in cancellation of membership and possible legal action to recover any outstanding monies owed to At Ruben’s.

8. Management reserves the right to amend the hours of operation, services offered, fees, charges, membership terms and conditions in accordance with the changing requirements of the centre.

9. I agree to comply with staff recommendations and instructions regarding safe exercise and machine use or equipment time limitations. I agree to be courteous and respectful to all other members and staff.

10. I agree to bring my membership card to each visit to the centre. All members must register their attendance by swiping their card upon entry to the facility. Lost or stolen cards will incur a replacement cost of $5.

11. I understand that my image may appear in print, electronic or video media produced by or for At Ruben’s for advertising and/or promotional purposes.

12. Appropriate covered footwear (i.e. closed-in sports shoes) must be worn at all times in the workout area. Thongs or sandals are not permitted. Appropriate clothing also must be worn and coverage should be adequate so as to not offend other members or staff.

13. A sweat towel must be used at all times whilst in the centre and equipment must be covered with the towel whilst being used (where appropriate) and wiped down after use. No bags are allowed in workout areas and personal items must be left in lockers provided. I acknowledge that while attending any exercise or activity connected with At Ruben’s that I am wholly responsible for my own property or person and I will not hold At Ruben’s Pty Ltd liable for any loss or damage to my property.

14. I understand that all equipment, must not be modified or misused in any way and I will be liable for any cost arising from damage to the equipment, mirrors ($400.00 replacement fee) or other members due to my actions. All weights and other items must be returned to their correct place after use.

15. I certify that I have no existing or any prior injuries, illness, other disabilities or conditions which may be affected, aggravated or cause injury or damage to myself if I undertake any exercise, activity or evaluation at, or connected with, At Ruben’s. This includes activities undertaken inside the centre or an external activity where participation involves the use of public streets, footpaths, parks, equipment or beaches. I will inform At Ruben’s in writing immediately upon my becoming aware of any such injury or condition.

16. I participate in the activity at my sole risk and responsibility. I agree to irrevocably and unconditionally release and indemnify At Ruben’s Pty Ltd and all of its employees from and against all and any actions, claims, suits, demands, proceedings and causes of action, and any direct, indirect, resulting or consequential loss, cost, expense or damage of whatsoever kind which I may incur, suffer or sustain. This applies in respect to my person, property or otherwise, arising out of, or in connection with, my use, access to, presence of or supervision, instruction, evaluation or counselling by At Ruben’s or any of the workers in connection with the centre, or by reason of or arising from negligence of At Ruben’s management or any of its workers. This includes during organised activities or exercise using public streets, footpaths, parks or beaches.

17. I agree to all reasonable directions proved by At Ruben’s and its staff including all signage as displayed from time to time and all verbal directions. I agree to pay At Ruben’s and to indemnify At Ruben’s for any loss or damage caused as a result of my failure to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions.

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