Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise with a Personal Trainer

Prenatal Exercise

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. You may not even be telling anyone yet. But you’d sill like to stay active. You need it for your body’s health as much as you need it for your mental health…

Historically pregnancy was seen as a time for rest and exercise was thought to be possibly harmful. This is no the case at all. It has been widely understood for quite sometime hat exercise in most cases is beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

Whether you’ve been exercising regularly or not exercised at all. Being active is healthy and beneficial when pregnant. The question is not should I or shouldn’t I.

The questions is…

What should I do?

How long should I do it for?

What intensity should I do it?

How often should I do it?

Giving you the confidence to “start” or “keep” exercising safely and effectively is what we do. Enjoy every moment of your journey through pregnancy and after giving birth.

Read the official statement from Sports Medicine Australia on Exercise in Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period

Postpartum Exercise

When it comes to having a positive habit and relationship with exercise it’s so important to NOT beat yourself up if you miss a session or if you take it easy! This couldn’t ring more true after you’ve had your baby. At Ruben’s we’re here to support you and build you. There is no doubt a regular exercise routine will give you more energy, help recover quicker and allow you to keep up with the rigours of motherhood. But what we’ll work on first is ensuring you have a positive experience that you feel good about YOU, so we can build progressively and consistently.

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