Sandy Vieira

What inspired you to become a fitness professional?

It hasn’t always been about fitness for me. Fitness has only really been present in my life for the last 5 years. There was a lot of self growth I had to do before even considering this career path.
Growing up as the ‘fat kid’ I always struggled with body image. I hate to use this language now, however this was how my inner voice spoke to me. I hated exercising as it always brought on my Asthma and I was an emotional eater, and this was a recipe for disaster!
As fate would have it, a diagnosis of Celiac Disease in my mid 20’s set me on a journey of discovery and education on how to be a happier and healthier me.

My journey began with a Naturopath who firstly educated me on food and helped me detox my body of all the toxins I was feeding it. I also tapped into some spiritual healing to change the way this inner voice was speaking to me.
I didn’t stop there. 5 years ago, I was introduced to fitness through aPersonal Trainer and went through my own body transformation. I lost 30kgs from this journey and am proud to say that I don’t have Celiac Disease anymore.
It was this journey and all the inspirational people along the way that finally inspired me to quit my corporate job in Advertising and pursue this career. I was fortunate at this time to be a member of at Ruben’s and was grateful for the encouragement and support I received from Ruben and the Team.

What Inspires you?

What inspires me today is having this opportunity to help others on their journey in life.
To me, fitness is more than just body image or how much you can lift, sure these are fun bonuses, however I feel it’s about nourishing your soul first with good food and using exercise to increase your energy so you can feel good both mentally and physically.
Looking back on this part of my journey, I draw from all the people who have shaped me. I’m inspired by them and hope to also inspire others and help them along their path and journey.

Favourite Quote
“Fear isn’t your enemy, but a sign post” Jeff Foster

This hasn’t been an easy journey and there are a lot of moments of doubt and fear where the thought of failure or not being good enough is very real. One thing I’ve learnt is that we don’t grow if we don’t face these fears.
The moment I let go and took the plunge, amazing things started to happen and sign posts were literally everywhere.

Favourite Exercise
Push ups.
These have to be my favs because 5 years ago, I couldn’t even do 1 on my knees and I just feel so proud when I can power through them on my toes now.

Favourite Snack
Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter (the healthy kind of course) YUM!


To arrange a personal training session with Sandy contact @Ruben’s Health and Fitness in Marrickville on 95691469.