2nd April 2022 was a beautiful morning for the Mural celebration. Councillor Mat Howard, artist Reubszz, Lauren (the face of the mural) and gym members helped us celebrate the the special occasion.

I must say that we absolutely love our mural. I have spoken to so many members and locals, the look and feel that all the artworks around the inner west create is very special and greatly appreciated. Thank you for this great initiative. 

Thank you to Reubszz for doing such an amazing job. What an incredible talent. From my point of view it was a very enjoyable experience collaborating on the concept. And watching you work, bringing the building to life was just so impressive. Thank you. 

Last thank you to Lauren our feature model. 

When coming up with the concept of what Reubszz was to paint, one of the aims was for the artwork to embody our community both within our gym and the greater Marrickville community. I don’t think there is anyone better that we could have found that truly embodies that. 

I’m confident most of you know Lauren for her spin classes, consistently bringing epic energy, wicked beats and very special empathy. Her classes run so smoothly and seamlessly that you could be forgiven to think that Lauren is simply a natural! You see her lifting weights before she jumps out and smashes a spin class. It’s easy to write her off as naturally strong.

And although it comes naturally NOW, this is not without effort and dedication to herself. Out of pure respect for Lauren I’d like to highlight that with her story. 

Firstly I appreciate that no one goes by without challenges. All different and challenges none the less. 

If I may share a brief history of Lauren @Ruben’s…

Lauren started @Ruben’s in 2015 in her early 30’s with osteopenia (which is between normal bone density and osteoporosis, in other words she was on her way to osteoporosis). Lauren had spent most of her 20’s with unexplained rib fractures, trying to address the constant pain her back and shoulders and the steady decline of her bone mineral density. Under medical supervision on its own she had minimal success. 

It was desperation and a burning desire to take control back of her health that she started a regular exercise routine first at a Pilates Studio and then soon after @Ruben’s.

She started off slowly with SFX and SPIN building strength, body awareness and confidence. With that new confidence she booked herself in for a Personal Training Session with Lachie. Working specifically strength, they worked closely together on exercise and nutrition. With a dedication to lifting weights eating well (Quality and Quantity), Lauren stopped the decline of her bone density and started to build bone density to the point that she has regained normal range. 

It was May 2017 when she started teaching SPIN classes for us and it has been our privilege to have her on an instructor bike ever since. It is this passion for life what I think makes Lauren so magnetic on and off the bike. 

I tell you this story for so many different reasons, Firstly I want you to know how incredible Lauren is! Second is that in health and fitness nothing comes natural. It becomes natural with time and dedication. It’s not easy but it is simple and it is definitely worth it. 

That’s why it is so important to have a positive relationship with exercise, with ourselves and with the community to make and keep this a positive experience day in and day out. The positivity and energy that you feel when you come here is all of you members together .That is what makes this place special, so thank you. 

It is truly our privilege to work with Lauren and have her here at the club. Thank you for lending your face for the creation of this amazing artwork and thank you for letting us share your story.

Lessons from Lauren:

1. Breath

2. If you’re not out of your comfort zone, it’s not going to do anything!

3. Lift heavy objects. Eat well. 

4. Squat Deadlift and Bench Press

5. Turn your Desperation into Inspiration

6. Change Reactive to being Proactive.


Work in progress
Master Reubszz at work
Best looking corner in Marrickville
Councillor Griffiths, Reubszz, Lauren, Councillor Howard and Ruben Rocha.
Saturday 2nd April 2022, What an event!