Welcome Sunshine and Rain!

It’s amazing how a little more sunshine in the morning and evenings can change our the mood and energy day to day. If you have been making it to the gym throughout cold dark winter days then this is now a breeze! If you dropped off a little during the cold and dark then NOW is the best time to get back on the wagon. 

One thing that we @Ruben’s are constantly working on, is creating a long lasting positive habit around exercise. For the next 6 months we have the best opportunity to build momentum and healthy habits and they should carry us through the next winter.

Winter can be a metaphor for change/turmoil in our lives as well. The habit of healthy exercise patterns means that your body/mind can stay healthy during trauma, illness, stress, heartache…

One of the greatest challenges is keeping your health as a high priority. AND if you lose sight for a while, don’t beat yourself up, just get back into it!

The flowers don’t grow without the rain…

We can’t wait to see you…

Ruben and the Team


PAD HIIT Session with Basil
Small Group PT 
Boxing pad session with Basil professional boxing coach.
Basil carries decades of experience working with amateur and professional boxers alike. This is a 60 minutes actioned packed training session seeing an amazing workout with all the technical coaching and fun of boxing. 

EVERY WEDNESDAY 6pm (from 10th October)
$50 per person, 4 person max
Bookings Essential




3 x 45 minute sessions for only $249



The Best Compliment We Can Receive is a Referral
That’s why when you share the love in October and November we share it back with you! When you refer and friend or family member and they join the club we’d like to say thank you.

1 Referral : 2 weeks FREE (Total Value $68)*

2 Referrals : 2 weeks FREE + 60 minute massage (Total Value $168)*
3 Referrals : 2 weeks FREE + 60 minute massage + $50 gift voucher @Roastville Coffee (Total Value $218)*


Gym Hygiene and Etiquette 

The Booking System
Book your classes on our app or directly through our website. It will help you plan your week. It also helps us plan the schedule. Also if you can’t make a class please cancel yourself off it. No matter how late! Its the only way others will know that there is spot available in class.

Towels and Hygiene
Don’t throw in the towel! Use it to wipe your sweat, and keep going. Besides, cleaning up after yourself it’s a great way to burn calories!

Punctuality and courtesy in classes
Upon the commencement of the class spots will be opened to people that may be on the wait list. We kindly request that if on the special occasion you must leave before the class ends, please let the teacher know at the beginning of class and place yourself near the door so you can leave with minimal class disruption.

Mobile Phones
For those of us that require continued contact, flick your phone on silent and be mindful.

Be Kind
We are already (possibly) the friendliest health and fitness facility in the world. Thanks for being so friendly and smiley. It makes everyones life better.