All I want for Christmas is you. Oooooh
Mariah Carey
Blink and 2017 is gone! But before the silly season begins there is some news to share.

December is one of the most hectic times of year. It’s easy to put ourselves under large amounts of stress, physical (including sleep deprivation), digestive stress with food and alcohol, emotional stress with relationships and families coming together and work related mental stress.

We are in such a fast paced society it’s often nice to have a reminder to stop and smell the roses. That means making a conscious effort of having gratitude. Gratitude for our health, gratitude for the beautiful relationships we have with friends and family. Gratitude for the opportunities (often disguised as obstacles) that we are given everyday.

Before we get carried away with the Christmas season, I’d like to say thank you for all your time energy and support. We’ve had a fun year, lets finish it off with positive energy!

We can’t wait to see you…

Ruben and the Team


Let’s all get together and let our hair down!

Where: The Henson
When: Sunday 10th December 2017
Time: 3pm


You’ll find an up to date class timetable on the @RUBEN’S App or at our WEBSITE

SUNDAY 24th DECEMBER        8am – 12pm
SUDNAY 31st DECEMBER        8am – 12pm

USE IT or LOSE IT… Remedial Massage

Most health funds expire all extras benefits on 31st December. If you require a Remedial Massage our expert therapists can help with any pain, or movement dysfunction. Josh and Bronwyn look forward to meeting with you.


Over the course of the year, we have slowly accumulated towels jumpers, jewellery and water bottles.

If you a have lost/left items here please feel free to see us at the reception counter to see if it has been collected.

All lost property not collected by the 10th December will be donated to charity.


As the temperature goes up in Summer water intake MUST go up also. Optimum cardiovascular performance, metabolism and general health require require optimum water intake.

What to aim for per day…. 1 glass of water per kilogram of bodyweight. I.e. if you weigh 70kg that means you drink 10 glasses (approx. 2.5 litres) of water per day.  

Like anything in life, the more you focus on something the better it gets (and the less you focus on something the quicker it deteriorates). Bring a little thought and focus to your water intake over the next couple of months, you’ll be amazed how different you feel.

DEXA SCAN – Amazing turnout in October

Participants received a comprehensive report..

  • Bone Mineral Density
  • Muscle mass in each region of your body (kg)
  • Fat mass in each region of your body (kg)
  • Body fat percentage in each region of your body
  • Estimation of visceral Adipose (fat) tissue
  • Estimation of Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • Individual scan summary report that contains macronutrient recommendations, ideal weight recommendations, ideal fat loss recommendations.
The DEXA Scan will return in the next 6 months for follow ups.

Gym Hygiene and Etiquette 

The Booking System
Book your classes on our app or directly through our website. It will help you plan your week. It also helps us plan the schedule. Also if you can’t make a class please cancel yourself off it. No matter how late! Its the only way others will know that there is spot available in class.

Towels and Hygiene
Don’t throw in the towel! Use it to wipe your sweat, and keep going. Besides, cleaning up after yourself it’s a great way to burn calories!

Punctuality and courtesy in classes
Upon the commencement of the class spots will be opened to people that may be on the wait list. We kindly request that if on the special occasion you must leave before the class ends, please let the teacher know at the beginning of class and place yourself near the door so you can leave with minimal class disruption.

Mobile Phones
For those of us that require continued contact, flick your phone on silent and be mindful.

Be Kind
We are already (possibly) the friendliest health and fitness facility in the world. Thanks for being so friendly and smiley. It makes everyones life better.