What a spectacular winter we have had so far. Invigorating!
With continued excitement and vigour it brings me great pleasure to announce our next CLEAN SLATE 28. Here is a perfect opportunity to jump on the wagon and enhance your health and fitness regime.

Spring is only 6 weeks away. Lets shake things up a little and build momentum together through the last leg of winter.

We can’t wait to see you…

Ruben and the Team


commences 31st July 2017

Clean Slate 28 is an opportunity to re-calibrate your metabolism. At Ruben’s we will encourage you to have a holistic approach to exercise by attending 1 x Spin/Boxing, 1 x SFX and 1 x Yoga each week, for 4 weeks in a row. With a strong focus on eating more whole/natural foods and exercising with a more balanced approach (strength/cardio/flexibility). You will feel amazing and reap the rewards of more energy, lower fat mass and increased strength.

1. Attend 1 x SFX, 1x SPIN or BOXING, 1 x YOGA each week for 4 weeks between 30th July and 26th August 2017.

2. Book your classes through the App/Online and check in on arrival.

3. Check In on facebook.

3. Track all your classes on our legendary tracker board.

4. Earn yourself a FREE new release @Ruben’s Shirt.

The Clean Slate 28 Journey culminates with a social gathering at The Henson 3:15pm Sunday 27th August 2017. 

Well the real prize is your Health and Fitness but if that’s not enough…

1 x 60 minute sports massage for the most facebook check ins
1 x 60 minute sports massage for the most classes attended
1 x 60 minute sports massage for the most improved



2pm Sunday 27th August 2017
Calling all spinners join us a for a special charity spin class. All proceeds will support further research by Dr Orazio Vittorio, Research Project Leafer at Children’s Cancer Institute. Orazio is currently researching the role of copper in cancer to develop a new targeted therapy for glioblastoma, a hugely aggressive brain cancer.

This is a special class to raise money for the researchers thatwork relentlessly towards better cancer treatments, and ultimately a cure for every child.

Sunday 27th August 2017

Pain Killers could raise heart attack risk.

Recent studies have shown that the use Non-Steroidal Anti-Infalmmatories (NSAIDS) can increase your risk of heart attack.

This includes but is not limited to Celecoxib (CELEBREX), Ibuprofen (NUROFEN, ADVIL), Diclofenac (VOLTAREN).

Any drug when used incorrectly can be dangerous and its always good to remind ourselves that just because a drug is available over the counter that it can not be dangerous.

The purpose of sharing this on our newsletter is not to provide advice, simply to recommend that you stay in close communication with your doctor if you use any medications either non-prescription or prescription.

Gym Hygiene and Etiquette 

Towels and Hygiene
Don’t throw in the towel! Use it to wipe your sweat, and keep going. Besides, cleaning up after yourself is a great way to burn calories!

Punctuality and courtesy in classes
Upon the commencement of the class spots will be opened to people that may be on the wait list. We kindly request that if on the special occasion you must leave before the class ends, please let the teacher know at the beginning of class and place yourself near the door so you can leave with minimal class disruption.

Mobile Phones
For those of us that require continued contact, flick your phone on silent and be mindful.

Be Kind
We are already (possibly) the friendliest health and fitness facility in the world. Thanks for being so friendly and smiley. It makes everyones life better.