We are well and truly into the swing of things the gym is full of energy. Thank you for all your vigilance with cleaning, masks and social distancing. It is the respectful, conscientious, attitude of all members that creates a safe and positive environment. 

Clean Slate 28

We started off November with our legendary Clean Slate 28 initiative. Encouraging members to have a holistic, balanced approach to exercise. The response has been overwhelming and the energy is electric! Building habits only come from repetition. And you will only repeat if it is fun, achievable and satisfying (gotta love those stickers!). Building positive habits is key! Keep up the good work we are just passed half way. 

@Ruben’s Social

Let’s get together outside the gym for a drink and a laugh. I love hanging out with you all at the gym and it will be fun to catch up outside. Hope you can make it! 

When: Sunday 28th November 2021

Where: Golden Barley – 165 Edgeware Rd, Enmore

Who: All Gym Members

Infra Red Sauna

We are very excited to launch our new Infra Red Sauna (as a service). These are 50 mins sessions in a private room by appointment. The benefits of sauna are very well understood. Sweat and increased metabolism are obvious. But the health benefits of controlled heat stress are on par with exercise and an excellent addition to your health and wellness program. Our Infra Red Sauna is large enough for 2 adults comfortably, so it’s a great way commit to your health and have a meaningful catch up with a friend. 

Packages and sessions are all available to be booked on the app. 

What you need to know:

– Sauna could be contraindicated for some people, so if you are not sure please contact your doctor. 

– Bring your own towel. (Towel rental is $3)

– Hydration is a requirement for safe and effective sauna use

Food for Thought

I have recently started listening to a podcast which I am absolutely loving. Some excellent useful, relevant information on sleep, memory, immune system and nervous system. 

Well worth a listen. It’s called HUBERMAN LAB (Dr Andrew Huberman, Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology). Check it out on podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/huberman-lab/id1545953110

Or Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2D2CMWXMOVWx7giW1n3LIg