Life goes on… (carefully)

Can you tell I’m smiling!?!

Dear Members,

As of 4 pm today NSW health orders are that all attendees at the gym are required to wear a mask. This will be enforced. Please bring a mask with you, if you get stuck without one, we will have some spares.


1. How to exercise with a mask.

When exercising we increase our heart rate and breathing rate. This is because the muscles require more oxygen when being worked (for both strength and cardio). Wearing a mask will slow the rate at which you can get oxygen from the atmosphere to the working muscles. This means if you try to do the same output as you normally do with a mask, you will feel MORE out of breath. SO DO LESS!!! (and you will feel your normal exercise discomfort). Don’t push to your maximum effort, if you feel dizzy or faint stop exercising until you catch your breath, listen to your body and stop whenever you need to. Very simply take it easy until you adjust to the new flow rate of air into your lungs, it will take a few sessions. Please note, that the disposable masks allow air to flow easier than multiple layer cloth masks. Cloth masks significantly make it more difficult to draw breath, therefore your output will be lower. Ultimately exercising with a mask on (uncomfortable and less output) is still much better than not exercising at all.

2. Let’s hit the reset button and make sure we are social distancing like it’s March 2020. We have spots on the floor through the reception area to remind us what 1.5 metres looks like. Also all our classes and class areas adhere to 4 square metres per person. We just received a shipment of gym wipes so you can be assured that all the equipment is kept sanitised and safe for your use. 

3. All classes will continue as usual. Including Spin. Masks will be mandatory. I hope one day we can look back on these days positively and say that it was times like these that made us stronger and brought us closer together. Every obstacle can be an opportunity. 

4. If you feel unwell, please stay away and get tested. That is the only way we will get on top of this most recent outbreak and hopefully can avoid a lockdown. 

5. In the unfortunate event that NSW goes into a mandatory lockdown and the gym is closed:
– You can be assured that your membership will go on (free) hold.
– Where allowed we will provide outdoor bootcamps, outdoor personal training.

– Renting equipment will be available. For rental will be Spin bikes, Kettle Bells, Sandbags, Benches, Dumbbells, Barbells and Plates. Please reply to this email to place yourself on a preference list for equipment rental (let us know what you would want to rent).

Stay safe, stay fit and stay positive.

Yours in Health and Fitness