Boxing Classes have stood the test of time as one of the most challenging and effective classes out there. The boxing movement has so many moving parts. This challenges, fitness, strength and co-ordination. At Ruben’s in Marrickville the boxing instructors have a following of participants that are hungry for more boxing!

Boxing classes include fast paced combinations with ducking weaving, body weight exercises with little rest periods. This High Intensity Interval Training is what turns your metabolism into an inferno! Tone up, build endless energy and laugh while doing it.

A sensational way of relieving stress there is no wonder POUND 4 POUND BOXING CLASSES are always in high demand.

At Ruben's Voted Top 10 in Sydney Places to workout

At Ruben’s Voted Top 10 in Sydney Places to workout

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Representing Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West for premium health and fitness At Ruben’s has impressed the readers at The Urban List.
Known for its face paced uniques SFX Strength Circuit classes, Night Club like thumping Spin Beats classes and Soothing Dynamic Yoga Classes At Ruben’s in its short time in Inner West’s Marrickville has grown to be be the premier site for Spin Classes, Strength Circuits, Dynamic Yoga and Personal Training. Finding a group exercise class to music or personal trainer which is fun and delivers results has never been easier when @Ruben’s.


“Winter is Coming” is not only the tag line of the world’s most watched television series. It is also a seasonal reality. With winter comes the dropping of temperatures, the earlier sunsets, and for many of us, the reduction of motivation. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather or the angle at which our planet revolves around the sun, BUT we can affect our choices regarding our fitness and well-being.

Choosing to exercise can have its challenges whether it be Fitness Classes indoors, Bootcamp  outdoors or doing your own thing at the park. So to help weigh up our options, we want to look at the argument between exercising outdoors vs indoors.

Many people love taking a run along the beach or joining their friends for a bootcamp in the local park. When picturing either of those images in your mind, do you include wet grass, groups of unenthusiastic peers and cold weather? Of course not!

The best way to not let the good fitness habits you’ve built in the warmer months wane away, is to move your exercise regime inside. It’s as simple as that! The benefits of doing a circuit training class like SFX At Ruben’s, can be felt year round, but during the colder winter months it is a no-brainer.

  1. Comfort
    • Well Lit
    • Warmer
    • Dryer
    • Muscles stay warmer helping to avoid injury
    • No special clothing needed
  1. Social
    • Attendance, people actually come as opposed to being outdoors
    • Your peers are more comfortable making them pleasant to be with
  1. Safety
    • Instructors don’t need to plan for the conditions
    • Use your regular equipment
    • Surfaces are not wet
    • Risk of muscle injury due to cold is not an issue

Winter may be coming, but you don’t need a collection of medieval knights from a fantasy world to keep you safe. The warm community at the gym will do that for you! We look forward to seeing you soon.

News and Events

  • Clean Slate 28 … Commences Wednesday 1st June. Clean Slate is an opportunity to re-calibrate your metabolism. At Ruben’s we will encourage you to have a holistic approach to exercise by attending 1 x Spin/Boxing, 1 x SFX and 1 x Yoga each week, for 4 weeks in a row. With a strong focus on eating more whole/natural foods and exercising with more balanced approach (strength/cardio/flexibility). You will feel amazing and reap the rewards of more energy, lower fat mass and increased strength. Register by writing down your name on the poster outside the Spin Lab. 
  • Sports Massage At Ruben’s… We are very excited to announce that in coming weeks we will be providing a remedial and sports massage service. Stay tunes for more details.
  • Tough Mudder – Saturday 22nd October… Are you looking for a challenge? Keen for a test of physical fitness and mental grit. At Ruben’s is putting a team together to enter the Tough Mudder Ocotber. Lets start preparing now!
  • Small Business Awards Finalists! We are very grateful and excited to announce that we have been named as finalists. Thank you for all your votes.  We have such an amazing fitness community that continues to grow! Let’s keep the energy flowing.

Your New Years Goals…

Many of us set new years resolutions back in January. Now is a great time to re-visit our goals and see how we are tracking. As we head into winter motivation can sometimes drop off. Clear concise goals will be the small change to pick you up and keep you moving! Ask about the team about RESULTS AT RUBEN’S – Fitness testing to keep you accountable and give yourself some clear objective targets.

Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend
Monday 13th June, 8am – 12pm
SFX 8:30am

We all know that pesky thoughts can sometimes interrupt you at the worst possible times. The gym is an environment when these unhelpful thoughts can rear their ugly heads with the strength of an athlete gripping a 40kg dumbbell.

“Am I fit enough?”

“Do my love handles stick out over these new tights?”

“Am I the least fit person in this Spin Class?”

“Will my Personal Trainer think I am working hard enough?”

But what is your Personal Trainer thinking about you?

The truth is there is a wide range of thoughts that they may be having as they count out your push ups.

They can range from pride in the progress you are making, to frustration at your quitter attitude to simply wondering what they are going to have for dinner. The truth is that your trainer is like any other relationship you have, either in your personal or professional life. This is their job and they want to enjoy their work and achieve their goals. The thing to note is, their goals all revolve around your fitness and health. Your trainer is completely invested in you achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself.

So here is a list of thoughts your trainer actually may have about you:

• I wonder if she has what it takes to get where she wants to go • Is she here to work or to talk?
• Is she this lovely all the time?
• Ok, we are going to have to discuss nutrition here …

• I wish I worked half as hard in my sessions as she does in hers. • Those burpees are looking really good!
• I think he is ready to go to the next level.
• Once a week isn’t going to cut it…

Your trainer could be thinking just about anything. But what you want your trainer to be thinking is that you are there to work and that you expect nothing but their best effort. You want to be pushed, supported, guided and inspired. So your trainer will be thinking exactly what you require of them. It starts with you! If you come ready and communicate what you want then any good trainer will be as ready to go at the start of your session as you should be!

You are in this together, both trying to fulfil your dreams of how you want to look and feel. But first you have to share that dream, then you both have to go and get it… TOGETHER.

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Are you in lockdown?So are we, but we keep moving together!