Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.

Sir Richard Branson.

Dear {58:Member Firstname},

May I start off by saying it’s been far too long since my last newsletter!

We are now headed straight for winter and with the change of the season we have some changes to announce at the gym. May I start by saying that I truly believe in the wisdom of Richard Branson’s Quote: Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.

This could not be more true when talking about our Personal Trainer Tegan. Tegan has been an integral part of the Team @Ruben’s since it’s beginning 6 years ago and at the end of May Tegan is moving from Sydney to Mudgee. (Too long a commute!)

Joining the Team @Ruben’s over 6 years ago Tegan has grown with the club, helping cultivate the strong community that we are so very lucky to have.

Tegan is loved by all! Her training, her classes, her music, her attitude, her care and empathy. I know there is not a person at the gym that will not miss her dearly. Speaking for the gym, the pain of seeing Tegan go is only counteracted in knowing that she is pursuing her dreams with her partner Nick (and Oakley). And that she has the attitude, grit and ability to be successful wherever she goes.

Thank you Tegan for all your training expertise, love and support. You will be missed. We look forward to hearing all about life in Mudgee. No goodbye… just see you soon.

Now that’s off my chest, I’d like to welcome to the club our new trainers that will help fill the big shoes 😉 left by Tegan.

Mandie, Sophia and Silas.

You’ll know Mandie from the epic Spin Classes and One on One Personal Training she teaches each week. But she is now picking up Hard Circuit, Stretch and Boxing as well. We are very lucky to have Mandie on the team, her training experience, attitude and determination are all something to aspire to.

Sophia recently joined the fitness team as a Spin and SFX instructor. Her energy is second to none! And clearly directly proportional to her love and passion for coaching. Her experience in the fitness industry is broad, extensive and invaluable @Ruben’s.

Silas is stepping into SFX, Boxing, KettleBells and One on One Personal Training. His fitness experience is seeded from his time as a professional sportsman. Bringing the same can do attitude, energy and dedication from his sport Silas will give you something you didn’t know you wanted!

12 PT sessions for the price of 10 | Personal Training PROMOTION

Wait no longer!

If you are looking for guidance, more variety or that extra push, Personal Training @Ruben’s will get you there. Contact the club to make a booking or have a chat with one of our trainers at the club.

Strictly 22nd May till 25th June 2021. One pack per person.

New Classes

Functional KettleBell – Thursdays 6:00pm from 3rd June

Spin Beats – Wednesdays 6:00am Cancelled

Lift Only Small Group Personal Training

Saturdays 6am

45 minutes weight lifting class. If you are looking for more strength and technique then this is for you. This session will be highly focussed on building technique and strength through the primary lifts Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. These lifts are the underpinning of all weight lifting, strength and muscle building.

Class Max Capacity is 8. Open to all levels. Cost: Members $25/session, Non Members: $40. Bookings available at reception or the Gym Master Member app.

Starts Saturday 5th June. 6am.


FITNESS @Ruben’s Hoodies will be ordered this month. Great Quality, fleecy and warm. Perfect companion to your winter fitness sessions.

To make an order please email info@atrubens.com.au with your size preference. Order cut off Friday 28th May 2021.

Size chart:

Small (Sandy)

Medium (Ruben)

Large (Lachie)

Colour of Hoodie is black and colour of text/logo will be white.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Tony Robbins


We are very excited to announce a new rewards program built around consistent attendance. The result of more energy, fitness and strength are the true rewards. But here is a little extra from @Ruben’s!

The more you attend the more you get! Of course the quickest way to achieve is with a consistent approach. 

As we kick the program off we’ll send you an email with what your current session count is and more details on what’s to come. 


Still the biggest thing happening around the world. We have been very lucky in Australia to have experienced the pandemic the way we have. We must stay diligent with cleaning. We must stay diligent with our own health and stay home if you are unwell. And stay diligent with testing when you have symptoms. Very small things that can affect us in very big ways. Stay smart, Stay safe and we all stay active together.

Yours in Health and Fitness




Dear Members,

As we continue to grow, we continue to evolve. Part of this evolution is having more classes and variety on our timetable than ever before. In the aim of keeping fairness and equitable access to all classes for all members we are implementing a new booking and cancellation policy for classes. 

From Monday 8th March 2021.


10 hour cancellation window.

Cancellation inside 10 hour window attracts $10 charge


4 hours cancellation window.

Cancellation inside 4 hour window attracts $10 charge


All charges will be generated automatically by the software and charged upon each billing cycle in arrears. 

All members are responsible for checking themselves in at the front door or reception to ensure class attendance is recorded. Please allow yourself adequate time to check in before a class to ensure your class attendance is recorded accurately. 

I must say we are very lucky to have such a conscientious community. There is definitely a positive vibe and atmosphere @Ruben’s like no other gym I have been a part of.

Thank you for all your understanding and efforts. Working together we will keep each other honest, consistent and accountable. Together we will stay fit and healthy. 

Discipline is Freedom. Jocko Willink.

Yours in Health and Fitness


p. 9569 1469

e. info@atrubens.com.au

The cat is out of the bag! Time Out is telling the world something we all knew a while ago… https://www.timeout.com/sydney/news/marrickville-has-been-declared-the-tenth-coolest-neighbourhood-in-the-world-right-now-100620

Dear Members,

We would like to let you know that over the coming weeks we are migrating our direct debit payments to be processed by Ezidebit, an industry leading secure Direct Debit payments provider.

Will this mean any changes for me?

  • There will be no change to transaction or dishonour fees relating to your direct debit payments;
  • For any payments you make to us using a card, you will see ‘EZI*<At Ruben’s>’ on your card statement;
  • Your payments will be processed by Ezidebit.  Here is a link to the Ezidebit Service Agreement for your records.

What do I need to do?

  • No action is needed from you. This change will happen automatically once the migration is complete.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards,


When things were looking grey in early March 2020, I had a wise man say to “Just wait for tomorrow”.

Yes we have been hit with a global pandemic and this has caused heartache and suffering in many different ways around the world.

There is no stopping the destructive tidal wave of COVID-19. All we had to do was try to ride the wave and wait for tomorrow.

I can say that now anyway…

Thanks to amazing members, staff family and friends @Ruben’s has weathered the storm (the first part of it anyway) and together I am confident we can get through anything.

Thank you.


Dear Members,

I hope you’re well. 

Since March this year we have been in uncharted waters! As we continue to navigate these new times we are committed to safety, health, fitness. 

Because of such uncertainty we can only deliver on our commitment if we work together gym and members staying adaptable and agile. 

So far I can say from my point of view all members have been very adaptable and understanding. And I thank you for that. 

Moving forward the NSW Government from Saturday 1st August has added a new requirement for all gyms to adhere to. 

We will now have a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshall on site at all times that we are open. 

For that reason we will have new (slightly reduced) operating hours. This is only relevant to anyone attending the gym outside of class times. 

MONDAY TO THURSDAY 5:30am – 9:00pm

FRIDAY 5:30am – 8:00pm

SATURDAY & SUNDAY 7:00am – 3:00pm

There is still a requirement to book all your sessions through the app as before.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and adaptability. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions. 


137 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204. (02) 9569 1469

FREE ONLINE MEMBERSHIPtill the end of the year!



FREE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP - over 70 classes on demand. Live streaming classes everyday. No equipment needed.

1 x 45 minute Personal Training

1 x 30 minute Sports Remedial Massage 

1 x Pair boxing quick wraps OR MicroFibre Sweat Towel