Dear Members,

Hope you are well under all the circumstances. 

We are locked down for another 2 weeks, now aiming for us to come back on 31st July 2021.

The time is slipping away! It’s been 3 weeks and we are looking at another 2 (at least).  Maybe your thought process was that you might take it easy on your exercise for 2 weeks… Maybe you’ve backed off the gas subconsciously. That is natural and also quite logical.

But now moving forward into another 2 weeks of lockdown, it’s time to be fully aware of any excuses we might be giving to ourselves. It’s time to get moving at full pace. I’d like to re-iterate that we can not control what happens to us, but we can control how we react. 

So here I challenge you…

Ask yourself:

Can you increase your activity level? (4-7 days optimal)

Can you increase your intensity? (try harder)

Can you eat cleaner?

Give us a wave while staying accountable:

Take a photo of yourself in during your essential exercise (with a big smile!) and post it up on our Facebook chatter group with tag @atrubens #strongerthanever .

Show us how you are doing your best to be stronger than ever.

If you want to take it to the next level then you can join our online membership and join in on our live morning classes Monday to Saturday. And/or follow the classes in your own time on our streaming platform. Join here: 

Next Week Class Schedule

Saturday 17th July 7am Spin, 8am Body Weight Conditioning, 9am Stretch and Release

Monday 19th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning, Stretch and Release

Tuesday 20th July 7am Pilates

Wednesday 21st July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Thursday 22nd July 7am Pilates

Friday 23rd July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Stay safe, Saty Fit, Stay in Touch.