Live Online Classes


Monday           7am Body Weight Conditioning (45min), 8am Stretch (30min)

Tuesday          7am Pilates (45min), 7am Spin (45min)

Wednesday    7am Body Weight Conditioning (45min)

Thursday        7am Pilates (45min)

Friday             7am Body Weight Conditioning (45min)

Saturday        7am Spin (45min), 8am Body Weight Conditioning (45min), 9am Stretch (45min)

Sunday          8am Spin (45min)

On Demand Classes

Over 70 classes in the catalogue


-Body Weight Conditioning (no equipment needed)

-Pilates (no equipment needed)

-Yoga (no equipment needed)

-Spin (Indoor Cycle or X-Trainer needed)

-Kettle Bell (Kettle Bell needed)

-Sandbag (Sandbag needed)

-Suspension Training (TRX) (Suspension Straps needed)

-Links to our favourite playlists

ONLY $10/week

We will bring the community to you!

Start your day right with the live classes each day in the morning. Or follow one of our on demand classes from our extensive library. You have access to Bodyweight workouts, Kettlebell Workouts, Sandbag Workouts, Suspension Training Workouts, Yoga classes, Pilates classes and Stretch.
Keep daily structure, daily purpose, daily connection, daily activity and daily mental health. All the necessities if you can’t physically make it to @Ruben’s.



Body Weight



Kettle Bell



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