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We believe in making the most out of life’s experiences with the people we are closest to. That’s why we have expert Personal Trainers dedicated to building fitness and confidence so you can get more juice out of life!

Personal Training At Ruben’s in Marrickville we’ll take all aspects of your lifestyle into consideration and help you achieve your health and fitness dreams. We take the time to understand your challenges and give you real world solutions. This is how we give you confidence in achieving your goals.

As part of the journey with your personal trainer At Ruben’s you will embrace and master the 4 pillars of health and fitness. Education, Emotion, Eating and Exercise. You will be challenged in the gym and given guidelines and targets away from the gym. 

At Ruben’s we’ll take you vision and use that as the core of our goal setting process. Following our strong goal setting protocol is what will give us our scientific exercise plan. Then we approach each session with vigour and tenacity. In addition to exercise you will receive tailored nutritional guidance to help support your metabolism. As  each block falls into place you can get excited as achieving your health and fitness dreams is only around the corner.

Beginners confidence… Never been in a gym before

Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise

Rehabilitation and Pre-habilitation

Sports Specific Performance and Preparation

General Fitness & Accountability

Strength and bodybuilding

Weight Loss

Seniors Gentle Exercise

Young Adults

What ever your goal you can have confidence you have experts on your side.


With your new found energy, strength and vitality let the outside world become your playground as you enjoy the real juice of life. Success stories include increasing bone density with clinical significance. Completing Sydney to Gong Ride, Completing Tough Mudder, and completing 10km run at the Sydney Running Festival events.

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Prepare to be challenged, have your abilities tested and limits extended...

Raise the bar... Make a change... Start today...

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