Weight Loss

HOW, WHAT, WHEN… We answer all the questions. Lose weight permanently

Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise

Ready to get back into it! Safely we will guide you. 

Rehabilitation and Pre-habilitation

Rebuild your machine. Specific Strength and Conditioning for you

Just starting out… Never been in a gym before

That’s why we are here. We’ll help you every step of the way building skills and strength

Seniors Gentle Exercise

Balance, Bone Density, Vitality

Young Adults

Young energy! Keen to get into the gym and fitness early.


What ever your goal you can have confidence you have experts on your side.


With your new found energy, strength and vitality let the outside world become your playground as you enjoy the real juice of life.


One on One Personal Training

Personalised program tailored to your specific goals

Small Group Personal Training

Group atmosphere, Expert Guidance, Fraction of the cost

Prepare to be challenged, have your abilities tested and limits extended...

Raise the bar... Make a change... Start today...

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Health and Fitness Challenge - Starts Now


If you want to hit the reset button on your HEALTH, METABOLISM, ENERGY
Achieve balanced holistic approach to your health and fitness
Stay educated
You like working on continual improvement
Be part of a community group lifting each other to be healthier


An 8 week health and fitness challenge. Education and motivating to continue pursuing health and vitality. Through the colder months it is so easy to gravitate towards "comfort" (which is nice in moderation.) But the fact is that the one thing that makes us healthier more vital and younger is doing things outside of our comfort zone. 

It is deliberate intermittent stress (not distress) that triggers our physiology to enhance our muscles, nervous system and immune system making us literally younger! 

So here we are giving you a challenge with guidelines to seek discomfort and create true wellbeing, capability and contentment.