HIIT Classes Marrickville wants more of... SFX

SFX Circuit is a fast paced, series of HIIT Classes Marrickville residence loves! We use moderate loads and suspension training resistance bands to suit each individual. Get ready to perform high repetition strength intervals with minimal rest and recovery time on cardio equipment.

SFX circuit classes At Ruben’s uses Science of functional movements – SQUAT, PUSH, PULL.

It’s the unique way we combine these compound body movements within our group circuit classes that you will sweat like you haven’t before, burn calories like a red hot furnace and laugh the all the way with your new gym buddies.

Expect an intense workout designed to challenge you both physically and mentally.

The result is improved all around strength and fitness, cardiovascular conditioning and stamina. The heavy calorie burn will continue for hours post workout which means you burn more fat more often!  The best part is you’ll join a fun community of Inner West locals which will have you coming back for more!

A unique and innovative and structure, combined with expert world class trainers means that the beginner and the advanced athlete get to maximise their session every time!

We recommend you use the SFX circuit classes as part of a greater Health and Fitness Program. Follow our holistic approach to health and fitness and you will reap the rewards of strength (SFX), tone, fitness (SPIN) and tranquility (Yoga). This then gives you the confidence to go out and be functional in whatever you want to do!

Our 30 minute SFX Express classes are perfect for the time poor. We want to provide solutions… for that reason we created the Express Classes. If you want to pack more into your valuable time, then this is for you. The lunchtime time slot designed specifically with local Marrickville businesses in mind.

Relish the best HIIT Classes Marrickville has to offer!

137 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204. (02) 9569 1469