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The DEXA Scan Mobile Van is back! DEXA is the Gold standard of body composition analysis. Measuring Body Composition has many valuable applications. Below is the list of (accurate) data points that will be gathered from a short 5 minute scan.


• Muscle mass in each region of your body (kg)

• Fat mass in each region of your body (kg)

• Body fat percentage in each region of your body

• Estimation of Visceral Adipose (fat) tissue

• Bone mineral density

• Estimation of Resting metabolic rate (RMR)

• Individual Scan Summary Report that contains macronutrient recommendations, ideal weight recommendations, ideal fat loss recommendations, to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals and improved total body health.

• Printed PDF of your report to keep
For all members that had a scan 9 months ago here is the perfect follow up to see how you are tracking.

Saturday 18th August, Bookings from 7am – 2pm
Scan Cost $77