It is that time!

When commitment becomes second nature…

Where we don’t just talk, we do…

1st November test your commitment and give yourself a complete balance to your movement practice.

1. Sign up.

Your name on the legendary tracker board. Cost is $0.

2. Attend

1 x SFX/Strength & Conditioning/SFX BOX———-STRENGTH



Each week for 4 weeks between 1st NOVEMBER and 28th NOVEMBER 2021

Finding a holistic approach

3. Book your classes

On our App/Online and check in on arrival. We have new classes on the timetable and new times. Watch the app closely.

4. Track all your classes on our legendary tracker board

4. Earn yourself a FREE new release @Ruben’s Shirt 

The Clean Slate 28 Journey culminates with a social gathering. Stay tuned for details.

You will notice we have a few new classes on the timetable you’re going to love the energy, guidance and the expertise that we’ll bring to each class.


The strength that you know and love from SFX blended with the cardio boxing you crave! The perfect blend of strength and boxing to test your endurance, stamina and mental resilience. You’ll walk out on a massive high after a fun workout ticking all the boxes!


Blend Pilates core with fast paced cardio for a workout that is like nothing else. Fun, energetic and burns so good!


A dynamic mobility and flexibility class to help increase muscle length and joint mobility. Be prepared for a strong and challenging class that will add the balance into your current workout program. If stretch and mobility isn’t part of your program then your program is not complete (yet)!