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I hope you are safe and well (and fit). 

We are now heading into week 8 of the Sydney Lockdown 2021. Certainly longer than what I expected! And with recent announcements from NSW state government, it sounds like we are about halfway.

Now if you have been moving regularly fantastic and well done. But, just to be clear regular walks no matter how long, are not the same as high intensity exercise and specific resistance training. 

It’s for that reason we have specifically designed our Body Weight Conditioning classes to give you a challenging workout tuned in to your ability. No equipment necessary. These are the best way to get strong and stay strong physically and mentally!

Here is a youtube link to one of our Body Weight Conditioning classes. Fun, challenging and totally worthwhile! 

All part of our Online Membership @Ruben’s you have so many options to keep you moving and motivated. Including live classes, on demand classes, playlists and facebook support group.  

There are 2 major components to our online membership. 

  1. Live Online Classes

Login through video chat and join an instructor live for a class. Real class workouts lead by an instructor with all the interaction that you could normally expect in a real gym class. This is the creme of the membership and let me tell you why:

  • Regular timetable. Get up out of bed and get going! Now you have a healthy routine.
  • Accountability. We look forward to seeing all your faces and having a chat before and after the classes. 
  • Real guidance. If you have any questions or need modifications our instructor can help you at the time. 
  • Social and fun. With so many restrictions currently in place this is a wonderful way to stay social with like minded people. 

Class Timetable

Monday 16th Aug  7am Body Weight Conditioning, 8am Stretch and Release

Tuesday 17th Aug 7am Pilates, 7am Spin

Wednesday 18th Aug 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Thursday 19th Aug 7am Pilates

Friday 20th Aug 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Saturday 21st Aug 7am Spin, 8am Body Weight Conditioning, 9am Stretch and Release

  1. On Demand Classes 

All our live classes are recorded and then you can do them at a time that suits you! 

Massive amount of variety with over 60 classes. There is something for everyone including Body Weight Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, Stretch, Boxing, Spin, Kettle Bell and TRX. 

Our online membership is only $10/week and you can cancel anytime. Sign Up here: 

Remember it’s never too late to start! No judgements, no pressure, no regrets. 

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is now. Chinese Proverb.  

Stay safe, stay home, wear a mask get the vax.

Dear Members,

Hope you are well under all the circumstances. 

We are locked down for another 2 weeks, now aiming for us to come back on 31st July 2021.

The time is slipping away! It’s been 3 weeks and we are looking at another 2 (at least).  Maybe your thought process was that you might take it easy on your exercise for 2 weeks… Maybe you’ve backed off the gas subconsciously. That is natural and also quite logical.

But now moving forward into another 2 weeks of lockdown, it’s time to be fully aware of any excuses we might be giving to ourselves. It’s time to get moving at full pace. I’d like to re-iterate that we can not control what happens to us, but we can control how we react. 

So here I challenge you…

Ask yourself:

Can you increase your activity level? (4-7 days optimal)

Can you increase your intensity? (try harder)

Can you eat cleaner?

Give us a wave while staying accountable:

Take a photo of yourself in during your essential exercise (with a big smile!) and post it up on our Facebook chatter group with tag @atrubens #strongerthanever .

Show us how you are doing your best to be stronger than ever.

If you want to take it to the next level then you can join our online membership and join in on our live morning classes Monday to Saturday. And/or follow the classes in your own time on our streaming platform. Join here: 

Next Week Class Schedule

Saturday 17th July 7am Spin, 8am Body Weight Conditioning, 9am Stretch and Release

Monday 19th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning, Stretch and Release

Tuesday 20th July 7am Pilates

Wednesday 21st July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Thursday 22nd July 7am Pilates

Friday 23rd July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Stay safe, Saty Fit, Stay in Touch. 


I hope you are well, staying safe and healthy. Unfortunately the lockdown has been extended till 16th July 2021 and with the increase of restrictions today (Friday 9th July) there is a high possibility that lockdown can extend even further. 

A quick Update: 

@Ruben’s Health and Fitness

1. Equipment Rental

Fitness equipment was made available to members for rental. It was great to see such an uptake of equipment. I am glad to hear of the members making good use of what they have. 

2. Online Classes Membership

Our online classes membership is available to all members and non-members. At only $10 week you have access to Live Online classes as well as a class library for on demand streaming. The main focus of the classes is structured exercise that challenges you with no need for equipment. All the classes are very accessible to all levels of fitness.

Saturday 10th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning, 8am Stretch

Monday 12th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Tuesday 13th July 7am Pilates

Wednesday 14th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Thursday 15th July 7am Pilates

Friday 16th July 7am Body Weight Conditioning

If you can’t make it to the live 7am class you can try it later as it will be uploaded onto the website. Sign Up Here

Ruben the Individual

1. Food

I have found that this time at home is a great opportunity into focussing on my nutrition, particularly preparation and planning. The more planning and preparation the easier it all becomes. Focussed on both quality and quantity.  

2. Sleep

Constantly aiming for 8 hours. Focusing minimising screen time (the moment I find myself looking for something to watch is a great indicator to switch off) has allowed going to bed much earlier. Which leaves a better chance to have a full night sleep. 

3. Exercise

Thankfully I am teaching the bodyweight conditioning classes online. This sessions have kept me honest and accountable, given me a routine and allowed me to connect with some of the members. 

I can’t recommend enough getting onboard with the online membership and dialling in live at 7am! Accountability, Routine and connection are priceless at this time. Sign Up Here.  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay At Home. 

See You Soon. 


28th June Update


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are healthy and safe. 

Unfortunately we are faced with another Sydney wide lockdown. Hoping that it will go on for only 2 weeks as suggested by the NSW government, we have put your membership on hold for 2 weeks. Due to be re-activated on Saturday 10th July (Of course this will be extended if required). 

You might be one of the lucky members that has rented some of the equipment @Ruben’s to keep you active, fit and strong! You will see those equipment rental charges coming out in the coming days. 

This week at a glance…

Tuesday 7am

45 minutes ONLINE LIVE with Ruben – Advanced Bodyweight Conditioning. Free to join for anyone (members and non-members, just share the link) on Google Meets. To join the video meeting, click this link: 

Advanced Bodyweight Conditioning is a full body circuit using only your body as weight. A tough blend of cardio and strength no matter your ability you will be challenged, there will be options for non-impact, so say YES and let’s stay fit and active together during this lockdown. You can expect Ruben to be partaking in all the class so lets sweat it out together. 

From Wednesday we will be supporting our gym community with an online fitness subscription, including live classes and stream classes on demand. You can expect 7am class Monday to Friday and something special on Saturday mornings. Subscription is only $10/week and well worth the content and variety. Join here now if you want in! You can even start following the classes from 1.0 Lockdown. Sign Up HERE now. ( )

(At this stage we have held off on outdoor carpark classes due to the weather forecast.) 

We also have @Ruben’s facebook chatter group available for members to stay in touch. Lauren has already shared one of her world famous spin playlists for members to enjoy! Here is the facebook chatter link: 

Please stay safe and well and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Stay Safe, Stay Active, Stay positive.

 Hopefully see you tomorrow at 7am ( )

And then in person on Sat 10th July. 

Yours in Health and Fitness 


June 2021 Update


Life goes on… (carefully)

Can you tell I’m smiling!?!

Dear Members,

As of 4 pm today NSW health orders are that all attendees at the gym are required to wear a mask. This will be enforced. Please bring a mask with you, if you get stuck without one, we will have some spares.


1. How to exercise with a mask.

When exercising we increase our heart rate and breathing rate. This is because the muscles require more oxygen when being worked (for both strength and cardio). Wearing a mask will slow the rate at which you can get oxygen from the atmosphere to the working muscles. This means if you try to do the same output as you normally do with a mask, you will feel MORE out of breath. SO DO LESS!!! (and you will feel your normal exercise discomfort). Don’t push to your maximum effort, if you feel dizzy or faint stop exercising until you catch your breath, listen to your body and stop whenever you need to. Very simply take it easy until you adjust to the new flow rate of air into your lungs, it will take a few sessions. Please note, that the disposable masks allow air to flow easier than multiple layer cloth masks. Cloth masks significantly make it more difficult to draw breath, therefore your output will be lower. Ultimately exercising with a mask on (uncomfortable and less output) is still much better than not exercising at all.

2. Let’s hit the reset button and make sure we are social distancing like it’s March 2020. We have spots on the floor through the reception area to remind us what 1.5 metres looks like. Also all our classes and class areas adhere to 4 square metres per person. We just received a shipment of gym wipes so you can be assured that all the equipment is kept sanitised and safe for your use. 

3. All classes will continue as usual. Including Spin. Masks will be mandatory. I hope one day we can look back on these days positively and say that it was times like these that made us stronger and brought us closer together. Every obstacle can be an opportunity. 

4. If you feel unwell, please stay away and get tested. That is the only way we will get on top of this most recent outbreak and hopefully can avoid a lockdown. 

5. In the unfortunate event that NSW goes into a mandatory lockdown and the gym is closed:
– You can be assured that your membership will go on (free) hold.
– Where allowed we will provide outdoor bootcamps, outdoor personal training.

– Renting equipment will be available. For rental will be Spin bikes, Kettle Bells, Sandbags, Benches, Dumbbells, Barbells and Plates. Please reply to this email to place yourself on a preference list for equipment rental (let us know what you would want to rent).

Stay safe, stay fit and stay positive.

Yours in Health and Fitness 


Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.

Sir Richard Branson.

Dear {58:Member Firstname},

May I start off by saying it’s been far too long since my last newsletter!

We are now headed straight for winter and with the change of the season we have some changes to announce at the gym. May I start by saying that I truly believe in the wisdom of Richard Branson’s Quote: Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change.

This could not be more true when talking about our Personal Trainer Tegan. Tegan has been an integral part of the Team @Ruben’s since it’s beginning 6 years ago and at the end of May Tegan is moving from Sydney to Mudgee. (Too long a commute!)

Joining the Team @Ruben’s over 6 years ago Tegan has grown with the club, helping cultivate the strong community that we are so very lucky to have.

Tegan is loved by all! Her training, her classes, her music, her attitude, her care and empathy. I know there is not a person at the gym that will not miss her dearly. Speaking for the gym, the pain of seeing Tegan go is only counteracted in knowing that she is pursuing her dreams with her partner Nick (and Oakley). And that she has the attitude, grit and ability to be successful wherever she goes.

Thank you Tegan for all your training expertise, love and support. You will be missed. We look forward to hearing all about life in Mudgee. No goodbye… just see you soon.

Now that’s off my chest, I’d like to welcome to the club our new trainers that will help fill the big shoes 😉 left by Tegan.

Mandie, Sophia and Silas.

You’ll know Mandie from the epic Spin Classes and One on One Personal Training she teaches each week. But she is now picking up Hard Circuit, Stretch and Boxing as well. We are very lucky to have Mandie on the team, her training experience, attitude and determination are all something to aspire to.

Sophia recently joined the fitness team as a Spin and SFX instructor. Her energy is second to none! And clearly directly proportional to her love and passion for coaching. Her experience in the fitness industry is broad, extensive and invaluable @Ruben’s.

Silas is stepping into SFX, Boxing, KettleBells and One on One Personal Training. His fitness experience is seeded from his time as a professional sportsman. Bringing the same can do attitude, energy and dedication from his sport Silas will give you something you didn’t know you wanted!

12 PT sessions for the price of 10 | Personal Training PROMOTION

Wait no longer!

If you are looking for guidance, more variety or that extra push, Personal Training @Ruben’s will get you there. Contact the club to make a booking or have a chat with one of our trainers at the club.

Strictly 22nd May till 25th June 2021. One pack per person.

New Classes

Functional KettleBell – Thursdays 6:00pm from 3rd June

Spin Beats – Wednesdays 6:00am Cancelled

Lift Only Small Group Personal Training

Saturdays 6am

45 minutes weight lifting class. If you are looking for more strength and technique then this is for you. This session will be highly focussed on building technique and strength through the primary lifts Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. These lifts are the underpinning of all weight lifting, strength and muscle building.

Class Max Capacity is 8. Open to all levels. Cost: Members $25/session, Non Members: $40. Bookings available at reception or the Gym Master Member app.

Starts Saturday 5th June. 6am.


FITNESS @Ruben’s Hoodies will be ordered this month. Great Quality, fleecy and warm. Perfect companion to your winter fitness sessions.

To make an order please email with your size preference. Order cut off Friday 28th May 2021.

Size chart:

Small (Sandy)

Medium (Ruben)

Large (Lachie)

Colour of Hoodie is black and colour of text/logo will be white.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Tony Robbins


We are very excited to announce a new rewards program built around consistent attendance. The result of more energy, fitness and strength are the true rewards. But here is a little extra from @Ruben’s!

The more you attend the more you get! Of course the quickest way to achieve is with a consistent approach. 

As we kick the program off we’ll send you an email with what your current session count is and more details on what’s to come. 


Still the biggest thing happening around the world. We have been very lucky in Australia to have experienced the pandemic the way we have. We must stay diligent with cleaning. We must stay diligent with our own health and stay home if you are unwell. And stay diligent with testing when you have symptoms. Very small things that can affect us in very big ways. Stay smart, Stay safe and we all stay active together.

Yours in Health and Fitness



137 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204. (02) 9569 1469