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Happy Spring Time! New beginnings, a little cliche I know… And yet it is these words and moments that give us an anchor to refocus on something positive and constructive. So let’s embrace the cliche, the time of year, the sun, the warmth and the excitement of new things to come.

@Ruben’s SOCIAL 🤟

Open to all members here is an opportunity to get together outside of the gym for a casual drink, snack, and chat.

When: Saturday 17th September 2pm

Where: Golden Barley Hotel

Why: If you are a member at Ruben’s we already have something in common (health conscious and growth mindset) why not find out what else we all might have in common! 

Clean Slate in 8 🥑🍅

Well done to all members for participating and hanging in there all the way through Winter! Let’s finish off strong and roll the momentum into Spring and Summer. 

Stop Headache Workshop 🤯

Paula Basilio from My Back Relief Clinic in Dulwich Hill is holding a free workshop for our members and guests to help anyone that suffers with headaches. There are lots of variables and Paula will address them with insight that only an expert on the back and spine can. 

When: 6pm Tuesday 20th September 2022

Where: At Ruben’s

Cost: FREE

Register (for catering): Click here to register you are attending.

Bring a Friend for FREE 😎

All day, Saturday 1st October bring your friend for free. They can use the gym, join you in a class or jump into a PT session with you. If they want to come and experience our club the doors are open! 

Just send us their name and email address and what they want to come and do with you and we will sort out the rest!

Small Group PT

Maximum attention to strength training and technique. No more than 4 per session you get serious gains on building strength. Only $30. We are ready to add another session on the timetable.

If you are interested please tell us what time suits you! CLICK HERE!


The use of regular Sauna is incredibly beneficial for detoxification, relaxation, health and vitality. The controlled increase in core body temperature stimulates the immune system, cardiovascular system, nervous system enhancing overall wellbeing.

Book a session:

Benefits include:

+ Increased Heart Health

+ Improve Cholesterol

+ Improve Insulin Sensitivity

+ Improve Blood Pressure

+ Improve Depression

+ Improve Anxiety

+ Reduce Systemic Inflammation

+ Increase Cardiovascular Fitness

+ Enhance Recovery

+ Maintain Muscle Mass

Carer Wellness Program – Dementia Australia

A one day group session designed to inform strategies to support positive health and well being outcomes for a carer, family or friend of person living with dementia.

When: Thursday 22nd September

Where: Ethnic Community Services. 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

Cost: FREE

Some key topics…


Personal growth, overcoming challenges and continued achievement is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things we can do.

When it comes to achievement there is a science to it. 

  1. Set your goal
  2. Measure where you’re at now in relation to your goal.
  3. Create a plan
  4. Execute plan for a period of time
  5. Measure where you are in relation to your goal. Course correct if you need.
  6. Keep going!


Naturally we are comparison creatures. It is a strength as much as it is a weakness… We love competition, healthy competition. We take inspiration from what we see in others and we aspire to be more and do more. I don’t need to describe the destructive sides of competition. But like almost anything you can use powers for good or evil. Competitive spirit is healthy and when embraced will bring out the best in you. 

Body Composition

Learning your body composition is NOT about fat or skinny, hot or not. It is about creating more connections and understanding with your body and physiology. To learn about your body composition means to understand about Lean Muscle Mass (the basis of your metabolism) or Visceral Fat (higher risk of heart disease, alzeihmers, type 2 diabetes). These measurements are very powerful for guiding lifestyle choices. Getting and analysing the data will help with creating a better understanding of health, well being and vitality as understood by modern science. 

Have you ever found yourself moving away from Challenge? Competition? Body Composition? 

Do we continue to do what we are good at versus doing things that we need. 

With positive educated support from @Ruben’s team we want to encourage you to lean into the challenge, embrace competition and learn your body composition. It is only when you are out of your comfort zone that you evolve, become stronger and truly appreciate life. 

Introducing the new CLEAN SLATE in 8 Challenge –  mid July. Stay Tuned.

Some R and R! Our friends @Roastville love locals! That’s why they will give you 10% off everything you buy. Simply show your member tag or let them know you train @Ruben’s. And they’ll give you the special. 

Nutrition Part 2 what is FOOD QUALITY, read all about it right hear. 

Infrared Sauna: You’ve heard me promote the benefits of Sauna. Now here is the literature. 

ONLY $220 for 10 sessions. And you can bring someone with you! Purchase here

Small Group PT

Small Group Personal Training is all the best bits from 1 on 1 and classes. Only $30 per session and no more than 4 people per session you have personalised attention, accountability, social interaction at only a fraction of the price. With a strong focus on strength training in the gym you will be guided through the all compound movements to build your muscle mass, bone mass, nervous system, skill set and confidence.

Limited spots available. Book on the app now. 

Thursday 7:30am, 5:30pm

Saturday 6am

Bookings essential. 

See you soon @Ruben’s

Food Quality


First and foremost eating natural foods or whole foods is our major goal. What is meant by that? Have you ever seen an ingredients list on an apple? Of course not, it’s just an apple! But look at the ingredients list of a packet of chips and you’ll see a long list of ingredients and even some numbers. Processed foods are full of chemical additives and preservatives including added sugar. And they lack vitamins, minerals, fibre and water that we need! Keep it simple if you can PICK it, SKIN it or PULL it then you can have it. Pick the fruit, skin the meat, pull the vegetable from the ground. Eating natural/whole foods will be the first step to ensure that you are getting the appropriate nutrients to sustain health vitality and a strong immune system. 

Macro Nutrients

Don’t be fooled, there are only 3 major food groups. Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. And we need all of them to survive and thrive. Let’s break them down. Back to basics is always helpful.


What are carbohydrates (Carbs)? Carbs are our primary fuel source. 

All carbohydrates are digested broken down and absorbed into the blood stream as glucose. Balancing blood glucose is crucial to balancing energy levels, maintaining healthy gut bacteria, maintaining healthy weight and bodyfat and keeping healthy liver, pancreas and immune system. Do we need carbs? Arguably yes. And they are everywhere and in almost everything so it is virtually impossible to cut them out completely. What we need to do is understand what/when is favourable and why to make better choices. 

Let’s start with the Glycemic Index. This is a measure of how quickly a food absorbs into the blood stream as blood glucose. A food with a high glycemic index (GI) means that the time from mouth to blood stream is short and spikes blood sugar high. A food with a low glycemic index (GI) means that the food digests/absorbs more slowly and does not spike the blood sugar. Why is this important? When blood sugar spikes our body aims to control the spike by releasing a hormone called insulin (from the pancreas). Insulin is a storage hormone which tells your body to store all the excess glucose as fat. This fat depositing happens in the liver, muscles, in between the organs and underneath the skin. How much we eat determines how much we store. It is our genetics that tells the body “where” exactly to store that fat. Some might store more in between the organs as Visceral fat. Other individuals might store the fat under the skin in the arms as subcutaneous fat. We have no say where it goes on and we have no say of where it comes off!

When we are constantly stimulating our pancreas to squirt insulin into the blood stream we are keeping insulin levels high constantly. This gives the insulin receptors on the cells around the body to build intolerance or resistance to the insulin. Over time that means we need more insulin to help bring blood glucose back to safe levels. Over time this intolerance or resistance to insulin becomes so high that your body struggles to bring blood glucose down to safe levels. This form of insulin resistance is also known as type 2 diabetes. In most cases very avoidable. With adequate food education and self regulation.

So doing your best to keep insulin release low is one of the best things you can do for your health. This is done by consuming mostly foods LOW in sugar and HIGH in fibre. These 2 factors are going to maintain a more steady release of glucose into the blood stream and in turn keep insulin release lower.

Carrot (uncooked)ApplePotatoGrapes
Sweet potatoStrawberryRiceCooked carrot
PumkinPeachProcessed goods with flourSweet corn
OnionPineappleAlcoholBreakfast Cereal
BroccoliLemonChipsAll fruit juices
BeansPearParsnipIce cream

Without stating the very obvious… without food we die. Food supports our bodies to live, survive and thrive in our environments. 

Food is not just a FUEL source. We derive from the food we eat the building blocks of our muscles, bones, organs. Food provides the co-factors (vitamins and minerals) for the chemical processes to happen in the body. It provides the building blocks of our anti-bodies, supporting our immune system. Food can be medicine or it can be a poison! It is the difference between getting up on a Sunday morning for an fun activity or it can be the cause of you staying in bed all Sunday morning with a splitting headache.

Our body functioning optimally is only just a small part of why we eat! 

We also eat for CONNECTION. Eating is a very social activity. It is something we do on special occasions like Birthdays and Holidays and New Year. And Mothers Day and Fathers Day. And a night out with the girls or night out with the boys. And going on a date, or going out on a date night. And Sunday lunch and just a catch up…. Need I go on…. The reality is that eating as part of a community and eating in search of connection is very well known and studied and very real! It’s something that we must be aware of and work with. Not work against. 

The reality is that we also eat for PLEASURE. Now that can take a few different definitions. Starting with dopamine. The reward/pleasure pathway that lights up when we eat sweet foods. And the relaxation and the reality altering effects of alcohol as a central nervous system depressant. And the feeling of feeling full after a large meal. 

Eating out of HABIT. Must be understood. Habits are formed through repetition. The more we do a certain thing. The more we re-enforce that behaviour. And over time it moves into our subconscious. Then it is a habit!

When it comes to food we have to consider anything that passes the lips. Not just ice cream, wine, bread, broccoli, kale, tomatoes. But also water, salt, vitamins, drugs/medications. But understanding WHAT is a part of the big picture. Also we must understand HOW, WHEN and WHY if we ever hope to make meaningful permanent healthy change.

The problem is that when we are fulfilling more than 3 emotional needs at the same time like connection, pleasure, reward, fuel, habit. Then the activity/routine is very addictive. 

That means combining all these “WHYS” together we have a very powerful almost immovable set of behaviours. This can be as bad as it can be good. 

For example

 Scenario 1.  Event/Trigger stressful day at work. (Need to relax, connect with partner, re-fuel, and reward yourself for hard days work). Start with glass of wine (relax), cheese and crackers (habit with wine), order in Thai  (reward, easy, with partner), chocolate biscuit to finish, maybe another glass of wine or night cap (reward, unwind, habit). 

Scenario 2.   Event/Trigger stressful day at work. Head straight to the pub for a drink with friends (reward, unwind, connection, pleasure for taste). Drink into oblivion and then grab some takeaway on the way home (because you should eat…?) Select whatever is convenient and enjoyable.

Scenario 3. Event/Trigger stressful day at work. Head straight to the gym for a Spin/Boxing class (unwind by refocussing and burning off stress hormones, reward of time back to yourself, connect with instructor and regular gym goers). Pick up on the way home ½ BBQ chicken (easy), cut up a large garden salad and eat with partner (fuel, connect), 1 glass of wine (2/week). Chocolate biscuit (2/week)

Notice how all these scenarios are connected with people. If you are the only one in your household that cares about being fit and healthy. You have an uphill battle from the first step. If you are the only one of your friends that cares about being fit and healthy you’re going to have a hard time. If you are surrounded by like minded people wanting to stay fit and healthy through a balanced approach it’s smooth easy, supportive and you will all hold each other to a high standard.

On the 28th May one of our members will be winning a $500 EFTPOS voucher!

Refer a friend and go into the draw. This is the perfect opportunity to share @Ruben’s with someone you care about. The more people you bring the more chance you have of winning!

Simply give us a call to arrange a time to bring them in for a class (Complimentary) and get an entry into the draw!



Share @Ruben’s with the people you care about!

2nd April 2022 was a beautiful morning for the Mural celebration. Councillor Mat Howard, artist Reubszz, Lauren (the face of the mural) and gym members helped us celebrate the the special occasion.

I must say that we absolutely love our mural. I have spoken to so many members and locals, the look and feel that all the artworks around the inner west create is very special and greatly appreciated. Thank you for this great initiative. 

Thank you to Reubszz for doing such an amazing job. What an incredible talent. From my point of view it was a very enjoyable experience collaborating on the concept. And watching you work, bringing the building to life was just so impressive. Thank you. 

Last thank you to Lauren our feature model. 

When coming up with the concept of what Reubszz was to paint, one of the aims was for the artwork to embody our community both within our gym and the greater Marrickville community. I don’t think there is anyone better that we could have found that truly embodies that. 

I’m confident most of you know Lauren for her spin classes, consistently bringing epic energy, wicked beats and very special empathy. Her classes run so smoothly and seamlessly that you could be forgiven to think that Lauren is simply a natural! You see her lifting weights before she jumps out and smashes a spin class. It’s easy to write her off as naturally strong.

And although it comes naturally NOW, this is not without effort and dedication to herself. Out of pure respect for Lauren I’d like to highlight that with her story. 

Firstly I appreciate that no one goes by without challenges. All different and challenges none the less. 

If I may share a brief history of Lauren @Ruben’s…

Lauren started @Ruben’s in 2015 in her early 30’s with osteopenia (which is between normal bone density and osteoporosis, in other words she was on her way to osteoporosis). Lauren had spent most of her 20’s with unexplained rib fractures, trying to address the constant pain her back and shoulders and the steady decline of her bone mineral density. Under medical supervision on its own she had minimal success. 

It was desperation and a burning desire to take control back of her health that she started a regular exercise routine first at a Pilates Studio and then soon after @Ruben’s.

She started off slowly with SFX and SPIN building strength, body awareness and confidence. With that new confidence she booked herself in for a Personal Training Session with Lachie. Working specifically strength, they worked closely together on exercise and nutrition. With a dedication to lifting weights eating well (Quality and Quantity), Lauren stopped the decline of her bone density and started to build bone density to the point that she has regained normal range. 

It was May 2017 when she started teaching SPIN classes for us and it has been our privilege to have her on an instructor bike ever since. It is this passion for life what I think makes Lauren so magnetic on and off the bike. 

I tell you this story for so many different reasons, Firstly I want you to know how incredible Lauren is! Second is that in health and fitness nothing comes natural. It becomes natural with time and dedication. It’s not easy but it is simple and it is definitely worth it. 

That’s why it is so important to have a positive relationship with exercise, with ourselves and with the community to make and keep this a positive experience day in and day out. The positivity and energy that you feel when you come here is all of you members together .That is what makes this place special, so thank you. 

It is truly our privilege to work with Lauren and have her here at the club. Thank you for lending your face for the creation of this amazing artwork and thank you for letting us share your story.

Lessons from Lauren:

1. Breath

2. If you’re not out of your comfort zone, it’s not going to do anything!

3. Lift heavy objects. Eat well. 

4. Squat Deadlift and Bench Press

5. Turn your Desperation into Inspiration

6. Change Reactive to being Proactive.


Work in progress
Master Reubszz at work
Best looking corner in Marrickville
Councillor Griffiths, Reubszz, Lauren, Councillor Howard and Ruben Rocha.
Saturday 2nd April 2022, What an event!

137 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204. (02) 9569 1469