I hope you are safe and well (and fit). 

We are now heading into week 8 of the Sydney Lockdown 2021. Certainly longer than what I expected! And with recent announcements from NSW state government, it sounds like we are about halfway.

Now if you have been moving regularly fantastic and well done. But, just to be clear regular walks no matter how long, are not the same as high intensity exercise and specific resistance training. 

It’s for that reason we have specifically designed our Body Weight Conditioning classes to give you a challenging workout tuned in to your ability. No equipment necessary. These are the best way to get strong and stay strong physically and mentally!

Here is a youtube link to one of our Body Weight Conditioning classes. Fun, challenging and totally worthwhile! https://youtu.be/c-ta2b3oxBA 

All part of our Online Membership @Ruben’s you have so many options to keep you moving and motivated. Including live classes, on demand classes, playlists and facebook support group.  

There are 2 major components to our online membership. 

  1. Live Online Classes

Login through video chat and join an instructor live for a class. Real class workouts lead by an instructor with all the interaction that you could normally expect in a real gym class. This is the creme of the membership and let me tell you why:

  • Regular timetable. Get up out of bed and get going! Now you have a healthy routine.
  • Accountability. We look forward to seeing all your faces and having a chat before and after the classes. 
  • Real guidance. If you have any questions or need modifications our instructor can help you at the time. 
  • Social and fun. With so many restrictions currently in place this is a wonderful way to stay social with like minded people. 

Class Timetable

Monday 16th Aug  7am Body Weight Conditioning, 8am Stretch and Release

Tuesday 17th Aug 7am Pilates, 7am Spin

Wednesday 18th Aug 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Thursday 19th Aug 7am Pilates

Friday 20th Aug 7am Body Weight Conditioning

Saturday 21st Aug 7am Spin, 8am Body Weight Conditioning, 9am Stretch and Release

  1. On Demand Classes 

All our live classes are recorded and then you can do them at a time that suits you! 

Massive amount of variety with over 60 classes. There is something for everyone including Body Weight Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, Stretch, Boxing, Spin, Kettle Bell and TRX. 

Our online membership is only $10/week and you can cancel anytime. Sign Up here: https://atrubens.gymmasteronline.com/portal/membership/8b9b9b83536dcce369f5f88118e0153f 

Remember it’s never too late to start! No judgements, no pressure, no regrets. 

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is now. Chinese Proverb.  

Stay safe, stay home, wear a mask get the vax.