At Rubens is now At 137 Health Club

  • Great fitness. Great people

    Stephen Mitchell Avatar Stephen Mitchell

    I never thought of myself as a gym person. I like my lounge too much, however, three years ago all that changed. I decided to pop in and check out... read more

    Kane Wheatley Avatar Kane Wheatley

    This is such a fantastic gym, with an amazing vibe! Ruben and the team are so friendly, motivating and are great at what they do. I'm so glad I found... read more

    Yasmeen Snape Avatar Yasmeen Snape

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The staff were always super friendly and approachable, as well as the classes always being dynamic and challenging!

    Henry Carroll Avatar Henry Carroll
  • Friendly boutique gym that isn't super crowded or full of intimidating bros. Class schedule doesn't suit me personally, they're very big on the spin classes. Ruben takes the time to... read more

    Kirsti Edwards Avatar Kirsti Edwards

    My current gym. Love the atmosphere, equipment and people. Shout out to Ruben for knowing everyone's name and being incredibly welcoming. And Lachlan for being such a great trainer.

    Ashvin Parameswaran Avatar Ashvin Parameswaran

    Great crowd, staff and clients. Good mix of activities. The only gym I would go to in the inner west of Sydney.

    Madeleine Heath Avatar Madeleine Heath

    Clean and Friendly. Good amount of weights, including free, cage and machine.

    Ben Connolly Avatar Ben Connolly
  • I've never been a gym person until now since joining At Ruben's 3mths ago. I actually love going to the gym the environment, the classes and the energy of people... read more

    Monika Lovgren Avatar Monika Lovgren

    @Rubens is an awesome local independent gym and health centre. My husband and I love being a member here not only because of the great variety of classes but also... read more

    Paula Kensington Avatar Paula Kensington

    Rubens gym has everything I need for training. As a cyclist, I find it hard to find a gym with bikes that record distance and lucky Rubens has them!!!

    katie dowhaluk Avatar katie dowhaluk

    Really lovely gym and a great team of trainers. If you want a great workout in an environment that is comfortable and professional without any of the pretentious vibes some... read more

    Liz Long Avatar Liz Long
  • Awesome gym, relaxed vibe, great staff and team who make training enjoyable! Spin classes are the best in the area. Highly recommend

    Sarah Hawkesford Avatar Sarah Hawkesford

    Actually enjoy going to the gym ? felt part of the Ruben’s team from day one. Excellent selection of classes, at various times of the day (appreciated as a Hospitality... read more

    Rebecca Colegrave Avatar Rebecca Colegrave

    Everything you need out of a gym. With a physio above as well! I couldn't be happier.

    Christopher Strom Avatar Christopher Strom

    I have been a member of gyms across Sydney including the CBD and Ruben’s is the best gym I have been to. No issues with equipment availability, gym equipment is... read more

    Shanil Lal Avatar Shanil Lal
  • I have been a member here for the past 6 years and they have created a great community vibe, great trainers who are supportive and offer great advice and support... read more

    Shane Hamilton Avatar Shane Hamilton

    Best gym ever! Staff and members are super friendly and helpful. Not too crowded and heaps of equipment.

    Paul Day Avatar Paul Day

    The thing I love most about @Ruben’s is that it doesn’t feel like a typical gym at all. You’re not walking into a simulated nightclub with a competitive vibe and... read more

    K S Avatar K S

    Out of the 8 gyms I have been to, At Ruben's has been the most enjoyable experience. It does not feel like one of those larger commercial gyms, the environment... read more

    Matt S Avatar Matt S
  • Clean and Friendly. Good amount of weights, including free, cage and machine.

    Ben Connolly Avatar Ben Connolly

    When my partner and I were looking to move back to the Inner West last year and he showed me apartments that weren’t within walking distance, my response was ‘...but...... read more

    Kelly Monisse Avatar Kelly Monisse

    Such an awesome gym! Ruben and the team are fantastic trainers, highly motivating and always pushing you to achieve your best result. I have also done the personal training sessions... read more

    Karen Taylor Avatar Karen Taylor

    Absolutely awesome gym. Location is great - just on the way to Marrickville Metro. Parking is easy - making it super convenient. Coffee shops around each of the corners. Class... read more

    Annika Hudson Avatar Annika Hudson
  • I joined after the first CoVid lockdown. Being 70, I found other gyms loud and obtrusive. There are a variety of classes I can do, as well as more... read more

    Karen Schultz Avatar Karen Schultz

    Such an awesome gym. Great community feel coupled with excellent facilities and staff. Would recommend to any in the area. I travel a long way just to attend the @Rubens... read more

    Patrick Orth Avatar Patrick Orth

    @Rubens is an awesome local independent gym and health centre. My husband and I love being a member here not only because of the great variety of classes but also... read more

    Paula Kensington Avatar Paula Kensington

    The whole team @Ruben are working at my fitness level to improve my health. Highly recommend this gym to others looking to get fitter. Loving the spin classes - huge... read more

    Leonie Sinclair Avatar Leonie Sinclair
  • Really friendly welcoming gym with a great vibe - you never feel like just another membership fee like at some bigger gyms! Great classes, especially spin!

    Lauren Singh Avatar Lauren Singh

    The absolute best gym I’ve ever been to. Have been going here with a friend for over a year. So accommodating when the pandemic hit and just wonderful classes and... read more

    Harriet Townsend Avatar Harriet Townsend

    One of the most welcoming gyms I have ever been to. Really relaxed vibe I love the variety of classes on offer as well. Boxing and SFX classes are... read more

    Heather McDowall Avatar Heather McDowall

    Used this gym whilst my gym was still closed for Covid. Great equipment (bars especially), highly free weight based which is a positive. Friendly staff (favourite being Ruby) who were... read more

    Josh Weston Avatar Josh Weston
  • I have always disliked the typical gym atmosphere...but @Ruben’s I felt comfortable and welcome from the very first moment I walked in. The group classes are great! There is no... read more

    Naomi Prindiville Avatar Naomi Prindiville

    I highly recommend this gym as the entire @Rubens team are extremely friendly and helpful. They are all about working with you at your speed to improve your fitness and... read more

    Ami Robertson Avatar Ami Robertson

    I've trained mostly with Ruben, Sandy, Lachie and Tegan and they're all a bunch of legends (shout out to Lachie for adding Missy Elliot and Timbaland to his playlist -... read more

    Sarah Tonkin Avatar Sarah Tonkin

    This gym has helped me to transform my life. I have been a member for 3 years and the thing I LOVE about the entire team @Rubens is that I... read more

    thundelarralass Avatar thundelarralass
  • Had the pleasure of being a @Ruben’s member while living in Marrickville. Ruben is always about, and every staff member is super friendly and approachable if you wish. They also... read more

    Meg Anderson Avatar Meg Anderson

    I love this gym! Ruben and his team are incredibly friendly, professional and passionate about their work. I have always felt so welcomed and supported, and the staff have consistently... read more

    Amelia Rickards Avatar Amelia Rickards

    You know your're walking into a good gym when you feel the energy immediately. All staff and trainers are well mannered and always smiling and are well educated when it... read more

    Christopher Moubarak Avatar Christopher Moubarak

    My wife and I are visiting Sydney for two weeks and we're spending ten days in Marrickville. My wife found @ Ruben's for me as they offer a $30/week full... read more

    Sean Davey Avatar Sean Davey

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